Presentation of the Public Opinion Survey Results
The Advanced Public Research Group (APR Group) has conducted qualitative and quantitative research on the proposed constitutional reforms intended to provide estimates concerning Armenians’ expectations from the coming constitutional reforms, as well as identify the current issues and omissions.

Within the research 36 interviews were conducted based on the research results. The second part of the research a quantitative public opinion survey was done among 1300 respondents throughout Armenia.

“61.1 percent of the respondents believe that the constitutional reforms are 444. We do not need reforms now. 33.9 percent answered that Armenia develops in the wrong direction while 49.5 percent of respondents describe Armenia’s choice as absolutely wrong,” said Ruben Sargsyan, Head of the Advanced Public Research Group (APR Group) at the Media Center hosted press conference.

Heriknaz Tigranyan, expert at the Advanced Public Research Group, noted that 56 percent of respondents believe the reason for rights violations is the fact that laws are not enforced.

“The problem is not the laws and their wording as the legislative norms are quite well-stated. They do not ensure precise enactment,” said Tigranyan.

With respect to national minorities, respondents said that they must have more rights. “In this regard we have a tolerant society. As for religious minorities, 27 percent think that there is no need for changes. And we have more intolerance towards sexual minorities. The majority of people say that their rights must be limited,” added Tigranyan.

The research covered such topics as Armenia’s European integration and membership in the Eurasian Economic Union. “Among respondents, supporters of the European Union consider Armenia develops in the wrong direction while there are few supporters of the Eurasian Economic Union who think Armenia’s development path wrong. With respect to Armenia’s future, 5 percent answered the situation is improving, with 72 percent claiming the opposite,” said Ruben Sargsyan.

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