March 1st Case Solved but Unpublicized
The parents of the March 1 victims hopelessly think the March 1 case will not be solved and those guilty for the murder of ten people will not be punished under the current authorities in Armenia. The seven-year-long investigation, parents believe, is nothing but “an imitation.” They have decided not to go to the Special Investigation Service since they have stopped trusting it.

The panelists included: Sargis Kloyan, father of Gor Kloyan killed at the March 1 protests; Vachagan Farmanyan, father of Armen Farmanyan killed at the March 1protests; and Arakel Semirjyan, Coordinator at the “March 1” NGO, writer, publicist, who stated the March 1 case is solved but unpublicized.

The Special Investigation Service, Sargis Kloyan believes, is “imitating” instead of solving the murder.

“Within last seven years we as assignees of victims came to the conclusion that all these actions are nothing but a mere imitation. They seek to show international organizations that they are working and investigating the March 1st case but, in reality, they seem to hold it over. Only if the present government is overthrown, all criminals will be punished,” Kloyan said, “The report the investigating officer at the Special Investigation Service prepared seemed strange. It reads the casualties occurred due to misuse of special instruments. I wonder if the investigation agency has no idea about our children’s killers, how they could have concluded the misuse of weapon resulted in casualties.”

Vachagan Farmanyan stressed he does not expect any shifts or drastic changes regarding the case either. “All the parents have an impression if the case is not solved during seven years, nothing will change. The same prosecutor now works at the investigation committee and the same investigating officers work there. So, nothing has changed. We do not hope for any shift,” Farmanyan said.

“The problem now is not the solution of the March 1st case, it has long been solved – both those who murdered and those who ordered are identified. It is time the case got public,” Arakel Semirjyan said, “The Special Investigation Service tries to categorize victims according to the weapon type they were killed with.” It is necessary to identify “particular murderers” through a trial.

“Gor Kloyan, Armen Farmanyan and Tigran Khachatryan were killed with “cheryomukha 7” which was carried only by the policemen. And it is known there were four militants who could have fired that gun and now it is necessary to find out who of the four shot. The proceedings will find out their places and if a trial is held each of them will testify. We live in a country of identified murderers who are not held responsible,” he said.

Vachagan Farmanyan was disappointed both with the actions of the government and some opposition leaders. “I am really upset about the fact that not all Armenian National Congress (ANC) members struggle for the March 1st case to be solved. Some have left ANC. They do not know even where I live or where my son is buried. I am speaking about Nikol Pashinyan and Alexander Arzumanyan. I have never heard a good word from them. Our Parliament has always had such people: Shavarsh Kocharyan, Sadoyan. They only strived to be elected to the Parliament. But who they sacrificed to get there? Should they have got to the Parliament at the cost of my son’s life?” Farmanyan said.

Following the press conference Nikol Pashinyan, MP, ANC Faction, posted on Facebook: “It is most ghastly for me that people who you know try to set the parents of those killed against me by convincing them, for example, that I do not speak out about the March 1st case. Yet, only a few days ago I tried to take to the floor a bill where the first clause specifies the March 1st slaughter as a primary reason for Serzh Sargsyan’s impeachment but the Armenian National Congress MPs spoke against it,” Pashinyan wrote. “ANC leaders who were enjoying their honeymoon with perpetrators of the March slaughter and granting indulgences to murderers chose to forget their past suddenly recalling the March 1st, didn’t they? I bow before the memory of victims and their parents and children. I bow before Vachagan Farmanyan and his dead son. How many times did Levon Ter-Petrosyan recall the March 1st Case in his speeches, articles or interviews? I daresay the Beria type attacks prompted by the ANC and its leader deserve pity and nothing else as it is a continuous and coward behavior to hide behind others.”

Arshaluys Mghdesyan, Editor-Coordinator

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