Speech Freedom Day 2015
It is the seventh time that the Freedom of Speech day is celebrated in Gyumri on March 25. Examining 44 suggestions from the society, the organizational board of the Freedom of Speech Day celebrations decided to award journalists, public and political figures. The following people were awarded:
Shirak regional correspondent of ''Aravot'' daily Nune Arevshatyan for operative work.

Ara Papyan for ''Modus Vivendi'' radio program (News Radio-106,5 FM).

Gayane Abrahamyan for TV program series released in Lragir.am and

Yerkir Media TV company and for a series of articles about social issues.

Zaruhi Postanjyan for brave public speaking.

Vardges Gaspari for freedom of expression of civic position, for the persistence and consistency.

Tigran Paskevichyan for public speaking, documents and the books “Diary of Don Quixote” and “Gospel of Snowman”.

Media Center for deep and attentive coverage of diverse public issues.

The next Freedom of Speech Day celebration will be held on March 25, 2016 in Gyumri.

During the past Freedom of Speech Day celebrations about two dozen journalists, public figures and mass medias have been awarded and encouraged, among them are:

2014 Shant Harutyunyan for expressing his political-civic position courageously, Investigative Journalists' Association and hetq.am for investigation and revelation of offshore accounts and related issues, Argishti Kiviryan for expressing his civic position consistently and for Facebook publications, Lusine Hovhannisyan for public speaking, "Art Laboratory" (Artlab) creative organization for original and unique solutions of freedom of speech and of expression, Levon Khechoyan (posthumously) for his outlook of a true thinker and for public speaking, ''Antares'' publishing house and Armen Martirosyan for "Banned

Books" series and the introduction of innovative approaches of book preaching in Armenia. 2013 Journalist Zaruhi Mejlumyan for covering rights defense topics, monumentologist Samvel Karapetyan for public speaking, journalist Grisha Balasanyan for investigative journalism, PanArmenian.net website’s photo department for operational, quality photojournalism, citizen Lena Nazaryan for social activities, www.shirakcentre.org website and “Shirak Centre” NGO were specially awarded by Armenian Caritas for covering social issues, Sara Khojoyan was specially awarded by Armenian Caritas for covering religious issues. 2012

Journalist Vahan Ishkhanyan (a series of articles about Hamsheni Armenians), civic activist Lala Aslikyan, newspaper seller Ara Hayrikyan, judge Ruben Apinyan and The Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression (Chairman Ashot Melikyan).

2011 Ecologist Inga Zarafyan (environmental media, www.ecolur.am website), journalists Larisa Paremuzyan (www.hetq.am), Anush Martirosyan and Satenik Kaghzvantsyan (Azatutyun RS). 2010 Journalist-publicist Tatul Hakobyan (the author of the book “Green and Black’’, journalists Voskan Sargsyan (''Qamut'' TV, Tesankyun paper, www.hetq.am) and Armenuhi Vardanyan (GALA TV), photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, www.7or.am website's caricatures series, www.lragir.am and www.hetq.am websites.

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