More Attention to Choral Art in Armenia
The Association of Armenian Choirmasters launched a large-scale festival campaign in all the regions of Armenia. On May 27 Gavar, Gegharkunik, hosted “Armenia- My World” children’s festival which involved 12 choirs.

At the Media Center hosted press conference Kristine Sheroyan, Cofounder at the Association of Armenian Choirmasters, conductor, said the whole region participated in the event.

“Over 12 choirs from schools of art and music and song and dance ensembles. We had a total of 250 participants, aged 8-20. Before the festival we supported our choirs by sending them notes, books, and conducting master classes. This festival was dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial, and it featured more national and patriotic songs,” Sheroyan said.

Deputy Head of the Association of Armenian Choirmasters Hasmik Vardanyan said they aim to promote choir art in the regions. “We're trying to make this festival annual. Gavar’s event was the second, with the first one being held in Gyumri last October. Obviously, there are many social problems in the regions, but for us it is definitely crucial to ensure the spiritual education of children.”

The festival is planned to include Syunik Region starting from September, 2015.

Lilit Yedigaryan, Second Conductor at Yerevan State Chamber Choir, Association of Armenian Choirmasters believes “the ties between Yerevan and regions must be close and joint activities are needed.”

Festivals of the kind usually turn into a real celebration, Anahit Sargsyan, Conductor at Sarajev Musical School, Association of Armenian Choirmasters, believes.

“I urge everyone to help regional choirs with special literature. It’s the first question we are asked when visiting a region “Are there new books?” Sargsyan said.

Yedigaryan added that today there is a serious problem with the number of Armenian songs.

“The Armenian choir songs are not enough for the current children choirs. Unlike the Russian and Western art, few young composers in Armenia write songs for choirs. I call on our composers to write more songs for choirs to perform,” Yedigaryan said.

Lilit Arakelyan, Editor-Coordinator

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