Dismissals in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia (RA): Possible Reasons and Further Developments
“No one would dare to discuss the issue of territories surrender in the Repubic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)," Garnik Isagulyan, Consultant of NKR Permanent Representation in the Republic of Armenia, said during the discussion at Media Center while speaking about the last visit of Serj Sargsyan to NKR.

The speaker said that some issues were raised for Serj Sargyan in Artsakh. 

"It was rather serious and sincere conversation. It was the first time that RA President sincerely discussed everything with Parliamentary factions, deputies of Nagorno Karabakh. Some questions were raised many of which were improper to be raised today but they did it," Isagulyan said.  

Media Center clarified whether the dissatisfaction of the society that exists these days were discussed, also the issues of inefficient work of Intelligence Services, insufficient armor that caused so many victims. Garnik Isagulyan assured that no issue was left. “I don’t think that these dismissals were in vain. In my opinion, the dismissals will go on and on the higher level. I don’t want to say names.”  

Retired Colonel of the Armed Forces, “Constituent Assembly” Vice President Varujan Avetisyan spoke about the last dismissals. “The problem is that both the one who dismissed them and the ones who were dismissed are of the same quality. And if someone of the same quality is appointed on the same position, I am sure that it will be so, it will have no results as they are the same people. And if it continues and such quality remains, the centers of Defense Ministry will become internet clubs of preferential children, we will not have progress.” 

Speaking about the four-day war consequences and the failure of the authorities, Garnik Isagulyan brought Goris-Sisian highway as an example and characterized it as a ''life road''.

''You can go and see the state of the road, it is awful. I thought on April 2 the whole composition of the government – Minister of Transport and Communications, Minister of Finance, should have stayed on that road day and night to manage the repair of that road as soon as possible. But what do we see? They are still working. They do not lay asphalt on bright days but they do it on rainy days. And it is done by Member of Parliament who announced that Armenia is ready to return territories and he already gave five regions,” Isagulyan said.

Media Center clarified if he meant Hermine Naghdalyan, NA Deputy Speaker.

“I am not interested in her name and surname. She should reject what she said, it is a shame,” the speaker said.

Varujan Avetisyan spoke about eliminating corruption. “We have the same challenges as hundred of years ago. And in terms of losing national interest we will get bigger hits than the genocide was. So we should think about qualitative changes which are possible in case of trust towards the government.”  

Arevik Sahakyan, Program coordinator at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to areviksahakyan@mail.ru

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