Election Race: Foreign Policy and NK Issue Regulation on Party Agenda
November 30, Media Center initiated an online live broadcast debate at A1 Plus pavilion on Election Race: Foreign Policy and NK Issue Regulation on Party Agenda

The speakers were Tatev Hayrapetyan from My Step alliance, Stepan Grigoryan from Sasna Tsrer all-Armenian party, Vladimir Hovhannisyan from Citizen’s Decision social-democratic party, Hayk Paytyan from National Progress party and Armen Arakelyan from Menq alliance.

Hayk Paytyan said that National Progress party pushes forward a package of comprehensive amendments dealing with foreign policy.

“We don’t promote hate towards Russia or towards Europe neither are me pro-Russian or pro-European. The Armenian foreign policy must serve the economic interests of the RA”, Paytyan said.

Vladimir Hovhannisyan said that there is no such fake agenda for their party as East or West. “There is no pro-orientalism or pro-westernism, there is only the interest of the RA. Serving the economic interest of the country must be the cornerstone of the foreign policy.” 

Tatev Hayrapetyan said the My Step alliance is not planning any significant changes in the foreign policy agenda.

“It is not the dimensions of the foreign policy that are going to change, but the format, the approaches. Me must take more initiative and realize our interests. We must be Armenia-centered”, Hayrapetyan said.

Armen Arakelyan says that Menq alliance is the only force stating that our value system is a western one.

Stepan Grigoryan emphasized that Sasna Tsrer have 3 components in mind when it comes to security. “The first is the human factor, that is to say the legislative aspect. The second one is the economy. The policy must be Armenia centered and alternatives should be created, for example the oil pipe line can be brought from Iran, the railway can be built from Iran. The third one is the military political aspect. This means working with world centers, establish ties with the West, NATO, Europe. As to the inferior relationships with Russia, they are carry danger and must be reviewed step by step.”



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