The Armenian Church History Discipline Should Either be Removed from School Curriculum or be Reedited: Heated Discussion
October 17, Media Center hosted a discussion on “Armenian Church History”: Necessity or Sermon?

The speakers were Hasmik Margaryan, specialist of Armenian studies and social-cultural subjects at Ministry of Education and Science national institute

Lusine Kharatyan, member of Educational Civil Initiative NGO, cultural anthropologist

Vahram Tokmajyan, historian

Yelena Harutyunyan, project coordinator at Christian upbringing center  

Vahram Tokmajyan who also teaches history and social sciences at Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex noted that at their school the Armenian church history discipline is removed from the curriculum as its teaching contradicts the article on conscience and religion freedom of the constitution.  

“The textbooks do not consider the factor of atheist, catholic, protestant and other denomination students”, Tokmajyan said. 
Yelena Harutyunyan noted that according to their surveys there is interest in the subject at schools. “The students love the subject, that is to say right at school they come to know the national values, the history of the Armenian apostolic. I was very pleased at the education minister’s statement that the teaching methods of Armenian church history subject must be reviewed.”

Lusine Kharatyan noted that the Armenian church history textbooks are reviewed, “A number of historical events and movements are not included in the textbook which in fact is a negligence towards students’ analytical thinking.   

Hasmik Margaryan thinks teaching this subject at schools is extremely important. The subject has been there since 2005 that was proceeded by 7 years of preparation, meetings, discussions with all stakeholders, Armenian apostolic church, historians and school teachers.  

For more please watch the video.


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