“Necessity for Improvements in Broadcast Mass Media Activity and Media Field”
May 21, at Media Center a discussion was held on “Necessity for Improvements in Broadcast Mass Media Activity and Media Field” that was attended by Boris Navasardian, President of Yerevan Press Club, Ashot Melikyan, President of Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression and Armen Mkrtchyan, member of RA TV and Radio Commission.

The representatives of civil society stressed that the victory of “velvet revolution” enables to improve the broadcast media and bring to life the years-long proposals they presented to the ex government and without any response.

Ashot Melikyan,  President of Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression sees a radical improvement need in the field of broadcast media that should be implemented through a new law on TV and radio.

“The current law is adapted for some groups, to be convenient to public radio, to the private TV companies that have come together and we know where the head lies. The amendments in the last 7 years were made to serve the benefit of some people and organizations.”

Boris Navasardian, President of Yerevan Press Club thinks that National Assembly itself can take up the improvement of broadcast media the first step being legislative amendments. He thinks they should start with regional TV companies.

“The issue of broadcasters lacking digital broadcasting license should be solved. There a re ways to do that, the field experts have the know-how of the opportunities of the digital system, where it is possible to set up regional multiplexes and place all the analogue broadcasters who lose their audience.”

Armen Mkrtchyan, Member of RA TV and Radio Commission recommends working with RA TV and Radio Commission while drafting a new bill, because they can put forward useful proposals from their experience.

The latter also added that meanwhile the commission will hold the next tender for the second republican multiplex and he hopes that it will not be demolished like its precedents with no paties being interested.

Ashot Melikyan stresses that the idea of the multiplex with large coverage is not effective itself and deprives the representatives of small and medium entrepreneurship of being involved in the field, as it is not cost-effective. Instead a smaller coverage and less expensive multiplex tender may be held through legislative amendments.

“For many years now they have been saying that this new business field can’t be monopolized and tribute paid to big business alone. The current law sets up conditions with which no one has wanted to participate for 2 years.”

Derenik Malkhasyan, Media Center Project Editor/Coordinator

You can contact the author via derenikmalkhasian@gmail.com.    


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