“Press Conference of Mr. Jean-Francois Charpentier, Ambassador of France at Media Center”
The Media Center hosted the press conference of Mr. Jean-Francois Charpentier, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the Republic of Armenia, devoted to the National Holiday of France. During the press conference, the topics of the French National Holiday, Armenian-French economic relations and negotiation process of Karabagh conflict were covered.

Historical Overview of the French National Holiday.

Jean-François Charpentier presented in detail what ceremonies are celebrated on the occasion of the French National Holiday, at the same time making a historic overview on the occasion of the holiday.

The Ambassador clarified that selecting July 14 as a national holiday of France is not exclusively conditioned by the storming of the Bastille castle on July 14, 1789.

“The national holiday embodies two main concepts – storming of Bastille which symbolizes the overthrow of the monarchical order and the establishment of a confederation on July 14, 1790, which in its turn a symbol of the united France,” he said.

Macro's Victory was the Victory of United Europe.

Ambassador Charpentier explains the fact of Emmanuel Macron being elected as President of France by his emphasized pro-European stance. 

“Mr Macron’s pro-European speech which played a decisive role in his victory also pointed out the challenges facing the EU today,” the Ambassador said, bringing an example of such a problem - the barrier between the ruling elites and ordinary citizens.

The Ambassador thinks that in order to overcome these and some other Pan-European challenges and justify the expectations of the Europeans, all the efforts should be made and emphasizes that the Pan-European problems should be overcome with Germany jointly.

The Ambassador considers that such Europe should be built that would not have a barrier between governors and and the governed where governors are very close to those who are governed.

Armenia-France: The Economy is Behind the Politics.

The French Ambassador to Armenia once again reaffirms his earlier statement that despite the high-level political relations, the Armenian-French economic relations, especially the trade turnover, are far from satisfactory.

And in terms of French investments in Armenia, the Ambassador considers the situation favorable.

Major French companies started to be interested in Armenia.

A number of major French brands, which have been successfully operating in Armenia, are listed. In this regard, the Ambassador even notices positive dynamics. 

“French companies have not been so much interested in the Armenian market so far but changes are being observed and they will be,” he said.  

In the Ambassador's opinion, the growth of economic interests towards Armenia is conditioned by the good opportunities to enter the Iranian and EAEU common markets and the speaker brings concrete examples of the practical expression of those interests.

“The French “Schneider Electric” jointly with Tashir Company launched a research laboratory that has a tendency to expand further. This is in the field of energy, and two French pharmaceutical companies, “Sanofi” and “Servier”, have already been established in Armenia,” the French Ambassador said.  

Ambassador Charpentier is convinced that the response of the companies that have already been operating in Armenia and their opinion on how comfortable they feel in Armenia is an important indicator for new investors from France and Europe.

Artsakh: Regular Negotiations and High-Level Meetings

Touching upon the negotiation process in the context of the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan recently, Ambassador notes that France is for the direct and mutually consistent negotiation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“There is no need to limit itself to meetings at the level of Foreign Ministers of the two countries. It seems that there can be a positive progress, assuming a high-level meeting at the level of heads of the two states in the future. Now we have to work actively in the direction that other meetings follow this meeting,” the French Ambassador to Armenia said.To watch the video, follow the link.  

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