Summing up the Forum: “Financial Innovation for Nation Development”
A press conference was held devoted to Summing up the Forum: “Financial Innovation for Nation Development” at Media Center on May 26.

Arman Gasparyan, Chairman ofEuropean Youth Parliament Armenia, Talin Saghdasaryan, Chief Organizer of the Forum, Arthur Poqrikyan, RA Central Bank, Expert of Financial Education, participated in the press conference.

2nd EYP Armenia Inter-University Academic Forum: Financial Innovations for National Development (‪‎FIND) is organized in cooperation with the Central Bank of Armenia in the scope of "My Financial Month” project on May 20-24.

The forum gathers more than 120 students from the Universities in Yerevan and RA regions. 

Talin Saghdasaryann says that 12 teams were made up on the first day and 12 separate topics were discussed in our teams.

“The topics were mainly targeted at financial education in rural communities. Each committee proposed a formula or a solution, then these proposals were discussed by all participants of the forum, some passed, some did not. We had a topic related to credits, how to do that people take loans in rural areas, which loan is right to take,” Saghdasaryan said.

Students from Yerevan, Gavar, Ijevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor participated in the forum.  

Arthur Poqrikyan says that programs on financial education has been conducted by the Central Bank since 2007.  

“It is very important to provide the protection of interests of the consumers in the financial field. Based on the national financial strategy, we conduct a number of programs.  Our target groups are pupils, students, rural community inhabitants, women, people who need financial education,” Poqrikyan said.  

He underlines the two objectives of the program. The first is that all the participants obtain knowledge to manage their personal financial means

“The second objective is that to discuss the issues with the young people that are raised as a result of seminars, behavioral research conducted by us as the rural communities are often related financial services.  Discussing these reveled issues with 12 teams, we received many proposes and solutions. The proposed options should be reviewed, discussed, studied and we will try to concentrate resources to realize some of them,” Poqrikyan said.

Arman Gasparyan said that the interest and engagement of the young people in the forum was rather big.

“Unlike Yerevan, the image was slightly different in the regions; there is a great lack of information. We tried to get in touch with the regional universities and inform that students participate as much as possible and the participation from all the universities was more than we expected. It was a clear and positive picture. If you provide an opportunity to participate, the young have a great desire to obtain additional education, field education and to integrate with the society,” Gasparyan added.   

To watch the video, follow the link.  

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