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Derenik Malkhasyan

Derenik Malkhasyan is Editor/Coordinator at the Media Center Project of the Public Journalism Club.

He received the BA in Political Science from Yerevan State University in Faculty of International Relations, Department of Political Science in 2003.

He began to work at “Shant” TV as an international news analyst.

During 2005-2012, he worked at “GALA” TV as a political analyst, journalist and an announcer. During 2012-2017, Derenik Malkhasyan worked at “Civilitas” foundation as a political analyst and an interviewer.

In December 2016, he co-founded Political and Social Research Centre “Politica” NGO and is the President of the NGO.

He is an author of many analytical - political articles.

Derenik joined the Public Journalism Club since May, 2017.