“How will “Nation –Army” Concept Contribute to Increasing the Combat Readiness of the Armed Forces?”
The Media Center held a debate on May 5, entitled “How will “Nation –Army” Concept Contribute to Increasing the Combat Readiness of the Armed Forces?” in “A1+” TV Pavilion with online broadcasting.

The speakers of the debate were Arthur Sakunts, Head of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office, Zara Hovhannisyan, Human Rights Defender, Member of “Army in Reality” Initiative, Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, Alik Avetisyan, Head of the Human Rights and Discipline Center of RA Ministry of Defense.

Arthur Sakunts said that it was not introduced in any way how the “Nation – Army” concept is reasoned. 

“After the cease-fire in the war, the strongest in 22 years and had no concept of "Nation-Army" of the armed forces, the defense system is established, which was estimated in the region, but now a new minister came and said that until now has been done, has been done , to the new concept

During the most fierce war period, 22 years after the ceasefire, we had the armed forces, the defense system was established, which was assessed as the most efficient in the region without the concept of “Nation-Army” but now a new minister came and said that what has been done till now, has not been carried out, a new concept is needed,” Sakunts said.      

He stresses that the justification for the project of 1000AMDs was not introduced either. 

“There are areas of serious corruption, it is necessary to fight against corruption, to reduce the shadow economy. Much work should be carried out in this sense and some problems should be solved at the expense of these resources. The projects “I am” and “I have the honor” also have no justification. All concerns related to the defense system and many other problems that there are not solved, instead some activities are proposed the objectives of which are not explained,” Sakunts added. 

Artsrun Hovhannisyan says that “Nation – Army” concept does not mean that what has been done so far, is not justified, is incomplete or incorrect.

“No, what has been done so far is within that concept, this is just to make it more institutional, more regulated. We took victory in Karabakh due to “Nation-Army” concept. The explanation was very clear, one soldier falls to 40 people, it is a large number, so that the burden is not on the public it should be made a locomotive issue. And the national producer paying his share of the tax, should participate in security. The manufacturer must think first of all about the army,” Artsrun Hovhannisyan said.

Zara Hovhannisyan highlighted that building an axis on the concept of nation is an anti-state activity, because the state itself is a complete body in which all institutions should develop and operate equally.

“A citizen understands that the army is a right protection subject, the state sovereignty is a subject of protecting. If you're completely wasting the state's economy and give others, if you are violating the sovereignty of the nation and on the other hand, you ask the nation to consolidate over the army, what will the nation defend? What means the concept of nation? A Ukraine or Yezidi living in Armenia is included in a nation or not? At the same time, is the elite of this nation also involved or at the war, we are packing everything and give to the poor people as it was the case during the April war?” Zara Hovhannisyan said,  

Alik Avetisyan said that those projects are ideas and are not confirmed yet, they are under the discussion with the civil society.

“This will expand opportunities; the two-year service is a duty. But the soldiers on the border are from the families of the middle class, why is there an opinion that only underprivileged children serve on the border?” Avetisyan said.

To watch the video, follow the link.  

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