“NA Monitoring”: Presentation of Final Report about the 5 Years Activity of the Parliament
A sum-up discussion on “NA Monitoring”: Presentation of Final Report about the 5 Years Activity of the Parliament was held by Media Center in cooperation with “Mandate” NGO on March 21.

The report summarized the results of the review of the legislative and supervisory activities of the Parliament, the main indicators of the five-year activity of the parliamentary factions.
Lusine Vasilyan, Program Director of “NA Monitoring”, said that this Parliament managed to form traditions during 5 years which became typical for the National Assembly of the Fifth Convocation significantly weakening the role and impact of the Parliament in correlation with the other powers of the Government.

“During these 5 years, 1078 laws were adopted in the Parliament; here the data of the last spring session were not included. Only 66 are laws, others are amendments and restatements of laws.   The most vivid indicator is that 9 out of 10 laws were written by the Government, that is the author of 995 laws out of 1078 is the Government. This is the trend that we highlighted during each session, the Government is the author of 92% laws,” Vasilyan said.  

The other alarm is that every second law was adopted by an extraordinary procedure.  

“During the five years, the Parliament adopted 10 projects authored by the opposition. The legal regulation has been amended mostly, then economic and tax regulations follow. Laws about science and culture have been amended least. The mostly neutrally voted top ten factions are headed by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Armenian National Congress and Heritage,” Vasilyan said.

According to the observation results, the MPs who voted mostly against are Nikol Pashinyan, Alexander Arzumanyan, and Zaruhi Postanjyan.  

The top ten of MPs who were the most active ones gave most questions and made the most speeches is headed by Mikayel Melkumyan, Khosrov Harutyunyan, and Hovhannes Margaryan. Aram Manukyan is in the last place of top ten among the most active MPs.  

“The MP having most absents is Gagik Tsarukyan, on the second place is Vardan Oskanyan followed by Ashot Aghababyan. Republican parties voted mostly for, some even have 100% results – Razmik Zohrabyan, Ruben Hovsepyan and Hrant Grigoryan. The list of MPs who voted mostly for is completed by Artak Davtyan, MP Of the “Republic Party” Faction,” Vasilyan said.

Gor Abrahamyan, Program Expert of “NA Monitoring”, said that as a methodology they took to what extent MPs were adhered to their program provisions in their voting and expressed positions.

Aram Manukyan, Secretary of NA “Armenian National Congress” Faction, said that looking at these data it became clear what kind of Parliament should not exist.  

“This is a shame, we have not had a parliament, 8% Parliament, the political majority that was sitting there just worked as a button. 645 bills for 24 hours. During the last session, 46 laws were adopted; no one managed to read them. 5 extraordinary sessions were held during each session and no one has managed to read what the drafts were about,” Manukyan said.  

Mikayel Melkumyan, MP atNA “Prosperous Armenia” Faction, said that there are rational and right points in the report.  

“But you should see what objective and subjective reasons are there inside the Parliament. Four laws out of 10 proposed by the opposition and adopted, were authored by me. I am glad that I am the most active MP,” Melkumyan said.   

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