“Interview-Press Conference with Levon Zurabyan”
An interview - press conference with Levon Zurabyan, Deputy Chairman of the Armenian National Congress, Head of the Armenian National Congress Committee Faction, MP candidate of proportional list of “Congress – People’s Party” Alliance, was held at Media Center about the pre-election campaign and the upcoming developments.

Levon Zurabyan said that the negotiations held in "4 + 4 + 4" format brought significant results in terms of controlling the legality of the elections, the most important of which is the publication of the signed lists.

“This allows to check on the internet anywhere in the world if these signatures are true or not, they are fake or not. This solves an important question because there was a problem of about 500-600 thousand falsified signatures according to our estimates, so it was a problem of half a million votes,” Zurabyan said. 

He notes that the electoral fraud in the polling stations becomes impossible and voting instead of someone else and other manipulations are excluded.

“But this led to another problem. Since the electoral fraud will be excluded in the polling stations, the rates of electoral bribes have raised, the authorities have realized that the only solution to the problem is bribery. Moreover, as a guaranteed result is required, the rates of bribes have increased. The record that I have heard is 100 dollars in Kanaker-Zeytun. This market is thriving,” Zurabyan said.  

Due to the speaker, people understand that the results of elections depend on taking bribes.

As a reply to the question whether the ANC will accept the election results or they would consider them falsified, Zurabyan replied that he could not say beforehand.

Referring to the formation of alliances and to the journalists' question why the ANC finally formed an alliance with the People’s Party, when talks were held with various parties, whether the possible cause of failing the alliance formation was leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan's speech on NKR conflict, he replied that the alliance formation process failed.

 “There are a few minor alliances; they only serve to increase the electoral chances... People have hopes for the formation of the oppositional polar. Alliances were usually formed before and after the presidential elections around a strong political figure. This time there was not a basis, around which the alliance should have been formed but we agreed to hold talks on forming an alliance. They came and offered to form an alliance. This was before Levon Ter-Petrosyan's speech. We were skeptical, we understood that it was a little artificial but other alliances were formed after our agreement and it turned out that it is not possible to create a big center of opposition,” Levon Zurabyan clarified.  

Media Center wondered if change in power remained a priority for the ANC, Levon Zurabyan said that it was still a priority.

“When we were formulating the requirement of a change in power in 2008, the military expenditures of Azerbaijan were 3 times more than the expenditures of Armenia. This is a matter of national security, today Azerbaijan has 8 times more military spending than Armenia. The April war is the result of these data. This is a fire that has approached our door, this is a threat to national security that is slowly approaching. April war is the beginning, Azerbaijan is more excited about solving this problem in a military way, especially since there are no diplomatic efforts made by Armenia towards the establishment of peace,” Zurabyan said.  

He said the ANC has proposed a solution since the 1990s.

“It is to confirm our victory achieved in the battlefield by a contract of international peace, maintain our control over Nagorno-Karabakh, Kelbajar, Lachin, open communications, create a peaceful situation, develop our relations with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and make Armenia a developing creative country,” Zurabyan stressed.

Talking about the economic problems of the state, Zurabyan said.

“ If Armenia will be able to develop at rates acceptable to us, we promise at least 6-7% growth, and now the government promise 4% growth. This means that we are collapsing economically. We are ready to implement such modernization programs that 6-7% economic growth will be provided and we will double the growth of our economy in 12 years,” Zurabyan said. 

To watch the video, follow the link.  

Lilit Arakelyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to lilitarakelyan@pjc.am.

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