“The Snow Removal and Emergency Situations in Armenia in 2016-2017”
A discussion entitled “The Snow Removal and Emergency Situations in Armenia in 2016-2017” was held at Media Center on February 16.

Argishti Tigranyan, Operational Manager of “Sanitek” Company, Hrayr Antonyan, Head of Communal Services Department of Yerevan Municipality, Hrant Tjagharyan, Head of the Operational Shift of the National Center for Crisis Management of the Rescue Service at RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, Lieutenant Colonel Rescue Service, Karen Torosyan, Chief  Specialist of Road Maintenance and Operation Department of "Armenian Roads Directorate" SNCO" at RA Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies, participated in the discussion.

Sanitek company conducts snow removal activities in Yerevan, and the Yerevan Municipality fulfills the supervision function.

Hrayr Antonyan says that this year was very snowy and starting from November activities were carried out, twice as much salt and sand were utilized.

“We organize the work with the administration districts. We assign that the yard areas are also cleaned. After each snowfall, yards are cleaned,” Antonyan said. 

As a reply to journalists’ claims that it does not correspond to reality and snow removal activities are not carried out properly in the yards, Antonyan clarified. “Since there are 5000 yards, it is not possible to remove snow in 4-5 days. But the work is going on. A citizen may not notice the work as it is cleaned during 1-2 days, and then it snows again, therefore the work is not visible.”

He notes that there were no impassable streets in Yerevan this year.

“It is right that there are problems in the yards but we have to realize that the temperature was -20 degree for a month, our work was turning into ice at nights, and we cannot say that work is not carried out,” Antonyan said.

Argishti Tigranyan says that during the snowfalls their employees worked and continue to work so far.

“There are streets that are narrow and large trucks cannot cross, small machinery works in such places. In our work, there is no pause, our machinery is equipped with modern technics, GPS system and the work is coordinated from our office,” Tigranyan said, adding that “Sanitek” has about 150 machine-mechanisms. 

He notes that their work cannot be considered perfect as they carry out a public service and there is still room to work.

 “We just keep in mind that it is difficult to work under the temperature of -18 and it makes problems,” Tigranyan added.

Hrant Tjagharyan said that unlike the previous year, a growth in vehicles’ blocking was recorded this year. 571 cases were reported this year compared to 507 of the previous year.

“The removal of icicles is carried out by the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the Municipality of Yerevan. Compared to last year's winter, this winter is segmental; the entire burden falls on Yerevan, Kotayk, and Gegharkunik. Blocks have increased in the regions, while the number of accidents is almost the same. And there were 166 cases both last year and this year,” Tigranyan said.

Karen Torosyan said that 34 companies work in 39 territories.

“They work day and night. The overall network of interstate and republican roads is 3400 kilometers and all work under our supervision. There is a GPS system on the appliance. This year's winter was severe, but the companies won a trend so they have to serve the roads regardless of weather conditions. We are generally satisfied with the work,” Torosyan said.

To watch the video, follow the link.  

Lilit Arakelyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to lilitarakelyan@pjc.am.

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