Citizens’ Rights are Still Violated in the “Police Patrol Service Regiment Case”: Advocate
Although there are no precise data, according to advocates, there are still more than five dozen citizens (besides the armed group members) in custody as a consequence of the July events. Arayik Papikyan, Advocate, Representative of Helsinki Association, said during the press conference, entitled "The Cases of Detained Citizens during the July Events: Evaluation of the Preliminary Phase" at Media Center on November 24.

As the advocate mentioned the citizens’ actions are on the preliminary stage in the proceedings of the two main law enforcement bodies: RA Investigative Committee and the Special Investigative Service. "More than 5 dozen people, besides the people who were in the Police Patrol Service Regiment, were detained and then arrested," he said, adding that for some people, the number of who is very few, an alternative preventive measure or a pledge, or a signature about not leaving the country are applied.

Papikyan is dissatisfied with the preliminary stage and is confident that no advocate would be satisfied with the investigation in terms of objectivity. "All possible means, which were banned, were applied by law-enforcement bodies. Instead of maintaining public order and following the rules of coexistence, they did exactly the opposite," he said. "Numerous people are exposed to persecution. After the investigation, they were detained. Many people were detained because they expressed their civic position, did not participate in the activities prohibited by law, or due to the circumstances they found themselves at the core of the events,” Papikyan said.

He also believes that the police violence during the July events showed that the judicial system continues to function "with the old methods and did not change". 

"So, the obvious facts of violence released only a few officials. I do not think it is possible to solve the problem by firing of the police chief. The entire police system should be subjected to liability, "he said, adding that there were widespread human rights violations, and the advocates could not visit their clients for some hours.  

Arshaluys Mghdesyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center”

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