The Yerevan Events are the Result of Widespread Hatred. Cultural Figures
There is a deep social and political crisis. There is a widespread hatred of the ruling elite towards the society and vice versa. During the recent years the authoritieas have done their best to make a degrading society, formed the atmosphere, which resulted in this explosion. Members of the "Sasna Dzrer" armed group made a move and now there must be an adequate response to the move by the government, which does not exist.

Narine Tukhikyan, Director of Museum after Hovhannes Tumanyan, said this during the discussion on “Social and Cultural Figures about the Armed Attack and the Current Negotiations” on July 27 at Media Center.

Tukhikyan thinks that the roots of the situation are much deeper than government representatives often try to present. "This is the result of the ongoing atmosphere that stands for years. The atmosphere, which is sadistic. Now the situation is not in any way different from the actions of such scums like Hitler, Stalin, Taliat, Gaddafi. This is the same style, the same method. This was going to explode one day, "she said, adding that over the years the society really needed a leader who would speak to them.

“The president does not speak to us, the intellectuals do not speak to us, priests do not speak to us. They just do not care, you see. His holiness probably consideres not proper to speak to his flock. There is no wise man, this is our tragedy. We are neglected, so what should we do? Spleen" he said, adding that after Vazgen I there was nobody who would be acceptable, reliable and would have an impeccable reputation in the society. "Now we are ruled by mentally unbalanced people, this is very dangerous," she said.

Egor Glumov, Head of the creative department of "Radio Van", said that the main problems are in the society. "If the authorities have sadistic tendencies, the public will also have such inclinations. The problem is that they humiliate us, and we are humiliated, they offer us a bribe, we take it, this is the problem," he says.

Referring to the situation in Khorenatsi Street, he described it in one word, "incomprehensible." "Incomprehensible people say incomprehensible things, the crowd that gathered does not understand what they should do, where to go," Glumov said, adding that though the two sides declare that they do not want bloodshed, their actions are going that way.

“Blood was shed, and unfortunately, it is normal for us, until the next victim. In the history also such problems, unfortunately, have been solved with sacrifices and blood. I also say, not with weapons, but it is the only solution, there is no other way. We seem to have forgotten the first victim. We think that all our problems are in the state, but there are also problems in the society, and the problems are not 25 years old," he said.  

Narine Tukhikyan considers that the resolution of the current situation is a compromise. "Wisdom would not hurt both sides. The boys did the first step. Now the ball is at the government, it should take humanitarian, Christian steps," Tukhikyan said.

This option, according to Glumov, would work if the authorities "were closer to the people".  "Maybe everything would be in another way," he said, adding that in the 21st century all the societies and governments live in the parallel universes. "Those Universes are not related to each other in any way," he said.

Arshaluys Mghdesyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center”

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