“Way out of the Crisis or Reason for Bigger Crisis? Cultural and Public Figures about the Armed Attack”
Media Center held a debate on “Way out of the Crisis or Reason for Bigger Crisis? Cultural and Public Figures about the Armed Attack” at A1+ pavilion about the armed attack in Yerevan a week ago and the events following it.

The debate guests were Armen Martirosyan, President of Antares” Media Holding, Mkrtich Minasyan, President of Armenian Union of Architects, Suren Zolyan, Member of Public Council, Tigran Heqeqyan, Art Director of “Little Singers of Armenia” Choir.

Suren Zolyan said thatthe events reveal the deep crisis in Armenia.  

“Events are proof of that crisis. Serj Sargsyan understands that in some way the wings of the authorities are paralyzed and it was impossible to carry out that operation. The forces of the government have the opportunity to implement this operation. How it can happen that approximately 30 people, all of whose phones are heard, who are under strict control, their every move is recorded, are able to obtain so many weapons and attack a police regiment, where there are about 40 checkpoints. I think that a part of the government let that operation be initiated and implemented. It is my assumption and the security forces now have to answer how it happened. I think this issue should be raised by the President to the security forces,” Zolyan said.  

Armen Martirosyan remindsthe events of 2008 and emphasizes that even then Levon Ter-Petrosyan had enough chances to take the power.  

“Anyway Levon Ter-Petrosyan, thinking about the state, said that the government taken in this way should be given back in the same way and did not go against the state. Not respecing, not accepting this form we came to the day that Zhirayr Sefilyan’s "Sasna Tzrer" group proposes changes right in this way. When the authorities prevent  the political resolution of the issue, a force is born that wants to solve the problem by force. Now if there is no response and Serzh Sargsyan's band does not take lessons, the next stage will come, when neighborhood boys will come and they will form non-political issues in a non-political way,» Martirosyan said.

He added that in this situation Head of Police and the National Security Service should resign.

“If this regiment can be attacked, which is a unique one, we can imagine what the situation is in other regiments. The authorities should respond to this by saying “good-bye”,” Martirosyan said.

Mkrtich Minasyan said that all these had accumulated because of the many question remained without replies during many years.

“We find ourselves in this position permanently. Last year there was the electricity issue, there was another matter a year before. People have many questions, and they did not get the answers from the officials. If you do not treat people as equal citizens like you, you neglect these people, all that becomes cynicism, it can lead to worse cases. I do not doubt the sincerity of these boys, these men fought as a volunteer in Artsakh, they poured out from many troubles, and now it turns out that in this vast, colorful world they suddenly have become suicides. It's a terrible thing, then we have reached the term that the authorities do not feel. This also can have no answers, but the next one will be fatal. By all ratings we are low in terms of perception of the world,” Minasyan said.  

He emphasized that even Serj Sargsyan’s speech did not show that all parts of the government had that responsibility.

“And what if armed men attacked the plant in the same way and tried to do something? Their actions are clear that they urge to unite, as the situation is adverse. I wanted to read between the lines of the president’s speech that all branches of the government have the magnitude of the responsibility but I did not notice it, he just said that there is a lot of dissatisfaction and great patience is needed to carry out this work, we do not need bloodshed,” Minasyan said.  

Tigran Hekekyan mentioned that he is not surprised that Levon Ter-Petrosyan joined Serj Sargsyan’s statement and said, “It is not the time now”. 

“I want to ask whether people have such a long life and can wait for another decade. Yet in 1992 the nation wan in prosperity, we voted and elected a president, and it seemed that the happiness would go on and on. Everything was spoiled by the first President; the next elections were falsified by the first president. Falsifying has become a way of living since then,” Hekekyan said.    

He emphasized that what takes place today is not for several days.

“This was the impetus of all the people accumulated for 25 years that was inserted into these guys. Maybe they were the most honest. Not maybe, but surely as not everyone can take his son and, know what the outcome could be,” Hekekyan added. 

Lilit Arakelyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to lilitarakelyan@pjc.am.

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