“Park of Alive Heroes” Project
“After April four-day war it became more important to value the alive heroes. During the discussions we understood that monuments are usually devoted to victims in Armenia, there are no initiatives devoted to alive heroes. That is why we concentrated on alive heroes and want to thank them in this way,” Environmentalist Karine Panosyan said about this during the discussion on “Park of Alive Heroes” Project at Media Center.

 “We want to express our gratitude to alive heroes by this initiative of a tree park. We not only pay tribute to them but start a new cultural direction of appreciating heroic acts,” the speaker said and informed that the project is expected to be an eco-park where solar batteries will be used and the benches will be made of household materials instead of wood.   

Everything will be ecologically clean. “The park will not be stone made but alive as a sign of our alive heroes,” the environmentalist said. 

He also said that they intend to plant decorative and fruit trees, flowers, there will also be water surfaces. Trees will symbolize rebirth, continuation of life, fruit trees will symbolize women heroes, and the water of the fountain will be the symbol of eternity.      

“This is a good opportunity that people are united and take care of trees and gather the harvest. The harvest can be provided to needy families of the community,” the speaker said and added that this project is necessary for educational, patriotic and environmental perspective. 

The author of the idea, strategist Armen Sargsyan reminded about the feats of our soldiers during April war. “We have an objective to formulate virtuous warrior image. We should organize meetings and conversations via eco-culture returning to nature from drains culture. Firmness and strength of warrior-peasant connection must be again highlighted for the defense of the Motherland. We should show that heroes become not only by dying but also by living and acting in Armenia.”
They already have numerous supporters including RA first Ombudsman Larisa Alaverdyan and member of “Barev Yerevan” Faction Anahit Bakhshyan who also participated in the press conference.

Mrs. Bakhshyan greeted that project, called for Yerevan Mayor not only to support but to lead this project and expand the idea by building many parks in the suburbs of Yerevan. Moreover, 26 thousand trees are expected to plant according to Yerevan Development Program. “The young told the Mayor to give the project to them. They ask to provide the money to them and they will find a place in each district and plant trees. The idea is to have trees with the names of our heroes. These young people will ease the concerns of the Municipality. I think the Mayor will support the young and their project,” Bakhshyan said. 

The authors of the project have not decided yet in what territories it will be possible to implement. They have the initial model of the park which is exhibited in the museum after Al. Tamanyan. Next week the project draft will be submitted to the Yerevan Municipality.

Arevik Sahakyan, Program coordinator at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to areviksahakyan@mail.ru

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