The citizens claim that the building 25 Tumanyan can be declared as a public priority benefit
All possible and impossible measures will be undertaken for the defence of citizens’ benefit of the building 25 Tumanyan. Even if the 3 tribunes of Armenian court will reject the suit of citizens, they will apply to the Constitutional Court, after that if it refused, they will apply to the Europian Court of Human Rights.

Arthur Grigoryan, the lawyer of 25Tumanyancitizens stated about that during the discussion, which took place in Media Center.   

“Since 2001 beginning with North avenue and finishing with main avenue , we deal with the benefit of some people, who try to  equalize it with public priority benefit. Today the genealogy of the problem of 25 Tumanyan is already known and revealed  to us. As in many other cases, also in this case only one person Narek Sargsyan stands behind all this.  We don't have a desicion about public priority benefit yet, but Narek Sargsyan has already found, that this is an issue of public priority benefit and has sent a letter to MP Zaruhi Psotanjyan about that.  Narek Sargsyan presented the proposition of priority benefit  on the 29th of January, when even The Government didn’t have decision’’,-stated the lawyer. 

Let us remind, that ‘’Renshin’’ LTD, which is the owner of 40 percent of that address,  applied to Yerevan Municipality and offered to recognize public priority benefit the property of that address and give permissionto build a hotel in that address. The Municiplaity of Yerevan applied to the Government, which made a desicion on the 19th of February  to enable the mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan to sign a contract with “Reinshin” LTD fordefinition  of rights, responsibilities and obligations of state and owner. 

The resident of 25 Tumanyan street Davit Yeghiazaryan, who participated in the discussion, mentioned that their suit will be sаtisfied, if the court is just, because the subject of the right of property and the rights of owner, including the fact of using, disposing and managing the property are clearly defined in the Civil Code.        

“In this case what right did the Government have to accept the decision about managing our property and giving permission to someone to sign deals concerning that”,- mentioned the resident. 

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