“Armenian media demonstrated the work of a high quality during the conflict,” Media experts
"Media Center", April 8, Yerevan. According to Armenian media experts, local media demonstrated the work of a high quality covering military activities taking place in the Karabakh-Azerbaijani frontline.

A member of the discussion, Chief-Editor and Co-founder of “Mediamax” News Agency, Davit Alaverdyan noted that it is of utmost importance that the media were not trying to instill panic among the society in the occurred situation.

 “That was the most important achievement obtained by the media, experts, civil society and Armenian Facebook users,” stated Alaverdyan.

Despite the recorded progress achieved, Alaverdyan also addressed the issue of misinformation spreading mainly from two groups. “One of them is the Azerbaijani side spreading false information. Another group was composed of the so called “fish-hunters in the muddy water”, media sources, some of which were Armenian ones. There were people, trying to use the situation for their own interests. There were websites publishing non-related videos to the recent events, emphasizing that the videos were shot during the recently occurred conflict. A great number of people were spreading the misinformation without knowing that it is a trap.”

From the other side, Alaverdyan points out that the public aggressively reacted to such types of materials and the specialists contributed by publishing the “shame list” of the sources with non-reliable information on the very first day. “Those actions have carried rather preventive character. These types of videos alike the emotions are easily spread and people should inform and warn each other that these videos do not correspond to reality. The more valid information we have, the less room is left for misinformation,” added Alaverdyan.

Another member of discussion, media expert, Mikayel Yalanuzyan states that it is natural to witness uncertainties, mistakes and inaccuracies in terms of information flows during the military operations.

 “It is clear that everyone wants to receive valid information, however during military operations it is difficult to obtain even from the structures working right in the place where the military actions take place. “Under these circumstances information flaws are natural,” noted Yalanuzyan.

He notes that on April 3, when a great number of journalists were moved to Stepanakert, more information became available. “The key media sources demonstrated high quality and responsibility, translating days and nights our viewpoints, transferring our messages to international audience,” concluded Yalanuzyan.


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