Publishing Signed Voting Lists Is Not Anti-Constitutional, Experts
The draft Election Code does not include proposals by the opposition and civil society. Particularly, the new document does not contain any provision on publishing signed voting lists, which the authors explain as a requirement of the RA Constitutional Court that considers publishing of voting lists as anti-constitutional. The opposition, though, insists that the decision of the Constitutional Court does not restrict the option of publishing voting lists.

Gabriel Balayan, expert on constitution; Levon Martirosyan, Republican Party Faction; and Artak Zeynalyan, Rule of Law NGO, shared thoughts on the possibility of publishing voting lists.

The decision of the Constitutional Court issued on May 5, 2012 does not fix that publishing voting lists violates Armenia’s Constitution, said Artak Zeynalyan.

Levon Martirosyan believes the publication of signed voting lists will be irrelevant now since the newly- to-be-introduced electronic voting mechanism has dispelled all concerns in this regard. “The system will clearly show who has come and who has not come (to a polling station). The publication of signed voting lists has never been a solution, and now it has long stopped being of top priority,” said Martirosyan.

The Republican lawmaker said currently the main issue to be solved is to ensure all citizens of the Republic of Armenia have identification cards in the near future.

Gabriel Balayan commented that the ruling of the Constitutional Court does not absolutely ban publishing voting lists.

“If the Election Code specified that signed voting lists could be published, or posted online, we would not have a ruling by the Constitutional Court that would directly state that publishing is anti-constitutional,” said Balayan.

Arevik Sahakyan, Coordinator

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