Armenia Needs an Anti-Discrimination Law. Rights Defenders
The Media Center hosted a discussion on the recent violence acts against sexual minority representatives and attitudes of the law enforcement and health sectors.

The speakers included: Mamikon Hovsepyan, PINK Armenia; Sergey Gabrielyan, New Generation Humanitarian NGO; Artur Makaryan, lawyer at New Generation Humanitarian NGO, and Sona Harutyunyan, Lecturer at the Medical Psychology Department of Mkhitar Heratsi Medical University.

During the discussion the speakers spoke about the incident that took place on February 15 of the current year in Yerevan, when 3 unknown people beat LGBT community representatives walking on Moskovyan Street.

Mamikon Hovsepyan mentioned that on the next day the injured person went to the First Hospital at Heratsi Street for undergoing medical examination, but there also he received discriminatory treatment.

Sergey Gabrielyan considers that in Armenia a discriminatory treatment is imposed on vulnerable groups, especially homosexual persons.

"This is explained by several factors. One of which is a reformulation of the laws of the Russian Federation and propaganda coming thence,” said Gabrielyan.

He emphasized that the role of advocates also has great influence on discrimination, as in the recently broadcast television ATV one of the advocates said that he would have personally beaten such people.

"It is definitely negative what is happening in society. Armenia has ratified a number of international and local laws that should protect man, but the phenomenon will continue as long as Armenia doesn’t accept a law on anti-discrimination. There is no law, and the court instances do not condemn the instances. No proceeding is taken, the NGOs lawsuits are rejected,” said Gabrielyan.

Arthur Makaryan also noted that there is a necessity of accepting law on discrimination. NGOs have great hope that the adoption of the law in any way will be able to deal with the situation.

Arshaluys Mghdesyan

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