To Teach History of the Armenian Church in the Primary School or Not?
Education experts are concerned that teaching the History of the Armenian Church is an agitation, whereas other experts believe that it is a must since the Christian education establishes moral values for children.

Anahit Bakhshyan, Deputy Director at the Nation Institute of Education; Mariet Simonyan, Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex; Armine Davtyan, Education expert; Gohar Sargsyan, Senior Teacher of Primary School of Anania Shirakatsi Lyceum shared thoughts at the Media Center hosted discussion.

“If we look through the content of the subject it turns out to be somehow biased and fails to take into account the public in general,” said Armine Davtyan.

Davtyan said that by the textbooks campaign is carried out, which may cause legal problems.

“The titles in the course can be viewed as nothing but a campaign. For example, Family of Adam and Eva, Cain and Abel, Cain and Abel’s gifts to God, Noah, The sons of Noah, Building of the Ark,” added Davtyan who believes teaching the subject damages the child’s integration.

“A child is viewed as a sectarian, which arises contradiction and hostility against one another. They start to classify children in believers, non-believers, as a result, the child has to hide his/her religious affiliation,” said Davtyan.

Meanwhile, Anahit Bakhshyan said according to the law about “Education” Armenian Church should be involved in children’s spiritual education.

“The subject has a very important aim, that is, to teach Christian values as a basis for moral values. I would even suggest introducing the subject in the first grade,” said Bakhshyan.

Lilit Arakelyan, Editor/Coordinator

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