Cancer Prevalence in Armenia Grows by 3-4% Per Annum
Cancer incidence and mortality rates in Armenia are high, according to Health professionals the number of those diagnosed with cancer has increased by 9-10% compared to 2010.

“The number of new cancer cases grows by 3-4% per annum. We had 7593 new cases in 2010, meanwhile the number grew up to 8365 in 2014. The causes are diverse, among them diet, radiation and smoking. The causes behind 40-60% of cases are revealed with the remaining causes undiscovered,” says Grigor Badalyan, the chairman of Armenian Oncologists Association.

“In 2014 188 cancer deaths per 100 000 men and women were registered in Armenia.” - says Aleksandr Bazarchyan, the Head of the National Health Institute.    

These indicators contradict the research data published on January 14, 2016, according to which Armenia ranks the first among 172 countries by the cancer mortality rate.

It is worth mentioning that according to the above website 229 cancer deaths per 100 000 men and women were registered in 2014 in Armenia.

Tom LeDuc, the founder of the and CEO of Global Life Partners, replied to PJC and IWPR’s inquiry writing that 2014 data by the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and National Statistical services were used for mapping and analysis, yet no references for the data were sent and the questions regarding the methodology of the analysis remained unanswered by the website representative.

 “Our data was updated a year ago. Our calculations and derived results, as well as global health are very important for us, and we are open to accept and correct our mistakes. I believe it is hard to find another organization that is following the WHO data more strictly and carefully,” mentioned Tom LeDuc.

Bazarchyan opposed to LeDuc’s comments and highlighted that the analysis of WHO statistical data makes it obvious that in some countries, like Hungary, the cancer mortality rate is higher than it is in Armenia.  

 “Some middle-income countries have higher or similar cancer deaths rates as we do. By and large, it is common for urbanized countries to have high cancer mortality rates,” mentions Bazarchyan.

According to official statistics 277 new cancer cases per 100 000 men and women were recorded in 2014 in Armenia.

Khachanush Hakobyan, the CEO of the Armenian American Wellness Center says that recent years have witnessed a growing number of screenings, and the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer dropped from every 13th woman previously to 34th now.

Arthur Avetisyan, oncologist, surgeon and Chief of Staff at the National Center for Oncologists, notes that the cancer mortality rate decreases mainly in developed countries, where cancer prevention is efficient.

Lilit Arakelyan

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