Press Conference with Levon Zurabyan
On December 11 Levon Zurabyan from the Armenian National Congress shared facts and findings on the vote rigging that, he believes, took place during the referendum on constitutional changes.

“The facts are shouting at us. These assumptions are based on audio and video records and witness accounts,” said Zurabyan.

Zurabyan presented the study by a team of physics specialists which included long-time elections watcher and physics specialist Sergey Shpilkin. The study of the December 6 referendum fixes the ballot stuffing and false votes made 485 thousand.

“This is an undeniable calculation which documents about 825 thousand people voted 575 thousand out of which cast ballots against the changes, with 250 thousand people voting for the project,” said Levon Zurabyan.

Arevik Sahakyan, Discussions Coordinator

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