A regress recorded in sphere of human rights in 2015 compared with the previous years. Such kind of opinion expressed Artak Zeynalyan, representative of Rule of Law NGO in Media center, yesterday during the discussion.

The head of “Institute of Civil socety” NGO Arman Danielyan and  the representative of “Rule of Law” NGO Artak Zeynalyan participated in the discussion, which took place in Media center today.  

First of all Zeynalyan mentioned two rights, which were violated  in 2015. 

“The priority is the electoral right.  On the 6th of December in 2015 a referendum was held in Armenia. During the universal elections total violations of electoral right occured. All violations, which had happened before 2008, were revitalized. In this case the right of effective  means of legal protection also has been violated. The defense of rights by extrajudicial category also has been violated, observers weren't allowed to have access to electoral documents, which is allowed by law”,-stated Zeynalyan.

He added, that freedom of expression and right for freedom of rallies and unions also were violated.  

“I advert the fact, that today in the square of Liberty the strike is taking place and right now there is not allowed to put up tents in such weather conditions. It is one more violation of human rights. These conditions were created,  because people don’t implement their right about freedom of rallies. This right has been violated also in summer, during the struggle against the inflation of electricity price, when people were violated. Journalists were violated, their professional work was prevented, their cameras were broken. And in this case proper examination has been carried out”,-added Zeynalyan.              

Arman Danielyan said, that the electoral process usually shows the condition of human rights at that moment.   

«It's clear for to of us, what condition of human rights, because that day we saw in short what we have today'',-mentioned Danielyan.

He gave positive assesment for compliance definition of torture to the first article of Torture's convention of UN in Criminal Code. But he mentioned that the most important thing it’s application.     

''Because it will work completely, we need another legislative changes, especially by law will be banned amnesty and forgiveness for such people, who had made the sense torture”,-said Danielyan.

Lilit ArakelyanEditor-coordinator at “Media Center”

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