Eduard Sharmazanov on the Constitutional Changes
The Republican Party has advocated for the parliamentary system since 1990, said Deputy Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Eduard Sharmazanov. He recalled the then Head of the Republican Party Ashot Navasardyan who along with other five political leaders spoke against President Ter-Petrosyan’s Constitution and proposed to establish a parliamentary system.

With respect to several controversial provisions of the Constitution project, namely 89 Article which fixes the concept of the majority government, Sharmazanov said, “Why should you think the Republicans do not want to form the majority government? Some may suppose these constitutional changes are only to take the power away from the Republican Party. It is impossible. It sounds like Real Madrid would prep for El Classico and say “we are here to lose.”

The proposed changes, Sharmazanov believes, set equal possibilities and conditions for all. The new project will make it possible to smoothly shift to a more stable governance system. To the question whether in the upcoming ten years “the government will go down Melik Adamyan Street” Sharmazanov said it is a political statement and he can reaffirm his statement since the Republican Party is the most powerful and well-established political force in Armenia.

Eduard Sharmazanov describes the current semi-presidential system as worse than the presidential system. And though through the Republicans’ efforts Armenia opted for the semi-presidential system in 2005, Sharmazanov said, “In 90s we were for the parliamentary system. I believe we should not look back. Instead we should focus on the future.”

Arevik Sahakyan,  Discussions Coordinator

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