Arshak Musakhanyan and Vahan Babayan Speak on the Constitutional Changes
Vahan Babayan and Arshak Musakhanyan shared thoughts on the constitutional changes and upcoming referendum on December 6.

Vahan Babayan from the Prosperous Armenia Faction spoke on the main three reasons why people should say “Yes” to the constitutional changes. “First of all, the end to the hyper centralization of power and increase of balances between the three power branches, establishment of a free independent judicial system and, thirdly, more possibilities of monitoring for the opposition.”

Arshak Musakhanyan from the You Won’t Pass Civic Initiative described as absurdity Vahan Babayan’s statement that the proposed constitution fixes the increasing role of the opposition and that the authorities have begun caring about their opponents.

Musakhanyan asked a rhetorical question, “And was the opposition alliance of the three which existed some eight months ago and to which the Prosperous Armenia Party and you, Mister Babayan were members of a bad one? Let’s stop telling stories about how the proposed constitution will double the opposition’s possibilities. It is impossible as long as the new constitution will eliminate counterbalances and create a single party monopoly,” said Musakhanyan.

Musakhanyan went on to say the concept of constitutional changes is a mechanism for the authorities to stay in power, and thus, the overthrow of the current government may be possible only if the constitutional changes are not passed.

“All the factions can take part in the discussions on the Election Code and make their proposals. Yet, the Republican Party has the majority of seats and no one can take this privilege. On the other hand, the opposition lawmakers have never been deprived of the right to set forth their proposals and criticize,” disagreed Babayan.

Arevik Sahakyan,  Discussions Coordinator

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