Andrias Ghukasyan and Narek Galstyan on Constitutional Changes
Narek Galstyan, chairman of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party, and Andrias Ghukasyan from the The New Armenia Public Salvation Front debated over the constitutional changes and upcoming referendum.

“The parliamentary system is definitely the best way to overthrow the Republican Party,” Narek Galstyan believes.
Andrias Ghukasyan, however, believes the changes proposed are nothing but an attempt to fence an Armenian citizen from politics.
“The main problem is that a gang has violated all constitutional provisions to obtain the power and establish a governance of systematic corruption and selective justice,” said Ghukasyan.
Narek Galstyan believes it is wrong to adopt an “all or nothing” concept and keep shouting only statements about “criminal authorities taking the power.”
As long as the opposition in the country uses such rhetorical strategy, bloodshed and clashes will not stop, Galstyan said.
“December 1 is announced Day of Civil Disobedience, and we have so many times seen them to arrange the date and fail again. It is the easiest way to disappoint people and instantly send them back home,” said Galstyan.

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