Quick, Free and Anonymous: European HIV Testing Week Will Launch Tomorrow In Yerevan
Yerevan will join the European HIV Testing Week and everyone in the country can participate in the events from 24-28 November.

Today Hovhannes Madoyan, Real World, Real People, NGO; Arevik Petrosyan, Methodist at AIDS Prevention Republican Center; and Marine Asryan, AIDS Prevention Republican Center, told the journalists about the initiative.

“Everyone can get tested quickly, anonymously and confidentially in Yerevan. The diagnostic laboratory will be on North Avenue and people can consult experts from the AIDS Prevention Republican Center and it will be all free of charge. They can also get tested and learn the result in 15-20 minutes,” said Hovhannes Madoyan.

The third national HIV Testing Week will take place at North Avenue, Yerevan on November 24-28, from 15:00 to 20:00.

“2/3 of the world population has no idea about their status and eventually they do not have a timely access to treatment and care services,” said Arevik Petrosyan.

Labour migrants from Armenia who acquire HIV in transit or destination countries, Russia or Ukraine return to Armenia and infect their long-term partners.

Since 1988 there have been 2194 HIV positive cases diagnosed in Armenia, with 334 cases being diagnosed in 2014 which exceeds the previously detected cases.

“In Armenia 1513 out of HIV positive cases are males while 681 are females. 41 children are living with HIV. In the country HIV is spread by heterosexual relations (64.4%), sharing injection drug equipment (26.2%),” said Marine Asryan.

1140 HIV positive people were diagnosed with AIDS, with 172 cases observed in 2014. The highest HIV region in Armenia is Yerevan (721) that is followed by Shirak Region.

Hovhannes Madoyan said they expect 500 citizens to get tested during the initiative.

Lilit Arakelyan, Editor-Coordinator

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