Armenia Sees an Increase of Economically Inactive Youth
The number of registered job seekers in Armavir region totaled 5602 seeing an increase of 38 percent as compared with the previous year. The specialists, though, are concerned over the growing number of the economically inactive youth.

“Currently there are 32.4 percent economically inactive young people in the country. These young people neither work nor seek a job; they neither study nor get registered as unemployed or job seeker. There is a great lack of motivation,” said Haykuhi Gevorgyan, Head of the Youth Professional Orientation Centre, at the Media Center hosted discussion which was held in cooperation with Armavir Civic Youth Center.

Employers, Haykuhi Gevorgyan believes, want good soft skills and prioritize hiring a young employee who they will be able to teach. “Educational institutions must first of all build core competencies to help them enter the job market more easily.”

4581 out of 75 thousand registered unemployed adults in the country live in Armavir region. The number increased by 29.1 percent (3548 people were registered in 2014). Meanwhile as of October 1, 2015 the number of registered job seekers reached 5602 with an increase of 38 percent (4058 people were registered in 2014).

“The increase is observed not only in Armavir but the whole country. Yet, another cause for the growing number of registered job seekers may be the increase of employment programs. I can mention the Seasonal Employment program which has been carried out for three years already,” said Hasmik Tadevosyan, Senior Specialist at the State Employment Agency, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The representatives of Armavir Civic Youth Center joined the discussion via a video call and addressed their questions to the speakers.

To support young people in Armavir region the State Employment Agency is now carrying out several programs which Hasmik Tadevosyan pointed out of the Internship program.

“Armenian young people have constantly been complaining for over fifteen years that an employer requires work experience. Instead of complaining we suggest applying to the Internship Program. This program helps young people who have specialties take part in a three-month internship. And most of them are then employed,” said Hasmik Tadevosyan.

Haykuhi Gevorgyan also spoke on the issue of young people’s active involvement and career orientation in the country.

“Armenia lacks a system of professional orientation, there is no such service at all. In Armavir we ask schoolchildren to mention professions they know and they can remember some 15 professions only,” said Gevorgyan, “They opt for this or that profession without thinking much or taking into account either their own personal abilities or the market demand.”

Hasmik Tadevosyan urged young people to choose a right profession and be active. “The active community involvement or volunteering will pave your way to the job you seek, will help you build a network, learn how to speak to an employer or will give you working skills. Search and be active,” said Haykuhi Gevorgyan.

The series of discussions with regional civic youth centers aim to raise awareness about vital issues for the youth in regions, help young people voice about the current challenges and find possible solutions, collaborating with state structures.

Parandzem Avagyan, Editor-Translator

For more information please contact the author at [email protected]


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