Intensified Military Activities in Seemingly Safety Areas in Syria - Experts
Clashes around Damascus have been going on recently and now battles have intensified and moved into the central districts of Damascus.

Specialists of Arabian Studies Hayk Kocharyan and Sargis Grigoryan spoke on the situation in the Armenian Community of Damascus and the recent developments in Syria at the Media Center press conference.

 “The military actions which embraced whole Syria will long be spoken about. Interestingly, the recent battles we saw in the province of Damascus and Northern provinces of Idlib and Aleppo are clashes between rival militants rather than militants and the government forces. However, there are areas where militants and the government forces have clashes,” said Grigoryan.

According to reports, the Islamic State has used chemical weapon in Aleppo Province, Grigoryan added.

“As for the developments outside Syria, there is a clear target defined and it is the Islamic State. Different powers have a different understanding of the campaign against ISIS. For example, Turkey has joined the efforts only lately and its airstrikes are against Kurdish groups rather than ISIS,” said Grigoryan.

Hayk Kocharyan said Damascus and its suburbs have long been an arena of military operations. “The recent escalation left several Syrian Armenians dead in Damascus.”

Kocharyan shared thoughts on the possible actions to support the Armenian community in Syria. He believes, “no sufficient efforts were made. I would like to view the situation more globally. Here the problem is not Armenia and Syrian Armenian community; it is a problem involving Armenia and all Armenian communities throughout the world. If certain actions were taken in case of the community in Syria, I would rather consider those insufficient. And the question is whether Armenia has a strategy on how to carry out a policy with Armenian communities or not,” Kocharyan said.

Lilit Arakelyan, Editor-Coordinator

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