Azerbaijan Keeps the Region under Constant Tension - Experts
Azerbaijan is trying to keep the region under constant tension through the recent escalation across the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and line of contact between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

Davit Babayan, the NKR President’s spokesman; Manvel Sargsyan, Director of the Armenian Center of National and International Studies; and Karen Vrtanesyan, Coordinator at, propaganda analyst, shared thoughts on the recent escalation across the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

The escalation across the border which started on August 31 left one Armenian contract soldier dead and four people injured.

The tension has been going on and Azerbaijan fuels it further to solve its own issues inside and outside the country, Manvel Sargsyan told the journalists at the Media Center.

“Now Azerbaijan seeks to build new relations with Russia. It gets massively armed with Russia's help.  Azerbaijan is taking military actions across the northern border which means it is trying every possible way to escalate the conflict with Armenia. On the negative side, Turkey has intensively got involved and is holding military trainings with Azerbaijan,” Sargsyan said.

For Azerbaijan, Sargsyan believes, it is an attempt to alter the international attitude and approaches to the conflict.

The tension has been continuing for last five years, Karen Vrtanesyan said.

“Purchasing Russian arms is not something new; neither is the cooperation with Turkey and the trainings. A new reality is the use of new weapons by Azerbaijan: mortars, missiles, anti-aircraft cannons – of Turkish, Israeli or Russian production. The use of new weapons is a display of an escalating violence,” Vrtanesyan said.

These attacks, Vrtanesyan believes, aim to exert pressure on Armenians, Armenia's authorities and the international community.

Davit Babayan pointed out several reasons of the policy Baku has adopted.

“Azerbaijan has turned into a fascist country and such countries are always aggressive when handling domestic and foreign affairs. Besides, Azerbaijan is getting ready for the upcoming elections. Azerbaijan's ruling clan is not willing to hand over power and they won’t do it. Now they are trying to transfer the existing problems within the country onto Armenians. Whatever casualties they have, it benefits the Azerbaijani authorities – a kind of propaganda. And when they hold solemn funerals, it is an election campaign. It is inhuman but it is what we have,” Babayan said.

The situation on the border, however, is under control, and Azerbaijan cannot gain any advantage, Babayan said.

“They cannot take the initiative. Simply, they will plunge the region into continuing tension,” Babayan said.

Lilit Arakelyan, Editor-Coordinator

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