Armenia Will Host Seminars for Choirmasters and Choir Directors
On May 1 the Polish Chórtownia Foundation will launch a series of seminars for choirmasters and directors in Armenia. The seminars will feature the project The Sound of Europe II and presentation of the website which is a platform to gather information on various choirs in different countries.

The Media Center hosted Gayane Baghdasaryan, Head of the Association of Armenian Choirmasters; Kristine Sheroyan, Executive Director at the Association of Armenian Choirmasters; Ustina Duma, Head of the Chórtownia Foundation; Natalya Barabanshikova, Choirmaster at Rhapsody Choir; Kristina Krzhizhanovska-Loboda, Creative Director at the Academic Music Ensemble of the University of Silesia; and Jersy Wozniak, Director at the Chórtownia Foundation.  

The Association of Armenian Choirmasters, Gayane Baghdasaryan said, prioritizes the cooperation of Armenian choirs with foreign organizations. “The choir art introduces a new school through working with foreign structures. The seminar will include presentations and master classes and we invite anyone who is interested,” Baghdasaryan said.

Within the framework of the Sound of Europe II project a CD was released and disseminated in different countries.

Armenian culture’s beauty and development prospects for choir arts in the country stir interest worldwide, as well as at the Chórtownia Foundation, the speakers said. “We are interested in Armenia and its potential. It is an attractive country, especially for Polish people. This visit to Armenia is a chance to get to know your culture better, a culture which is one of the ancient ones,” Duma said.

Krzhizhanovska-Loboda described the tour in Armenia as the first step to get acquainted with Armenian choirmasters and added they have agreed upon future projects and initiatives with the Armenian side.

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