“Striding Imprints: Tigran Sahakyan, Arman Vahanyan, and Tigran Kirakosyan in Tallinn”
The official opening ceremony of “Striding Imprints: Tigran Sahakyan, Arman Vahanyan, and Tigran Kirakosyan in Tallinn” exhibition will be held at the United Nations Office in Armenia on October 21.
The two-week exhibition will feature pieces created with techniques of offset lithography, etching and monotype by artists Tigran Sahakyan, Arman Vahanyan and Tigran Kirakosyan. The works were created during the artists’ visit to Tallinn, Estonia.

Today at the Media Center hosted press conference Arman Vahanyan noted that such visits and communication possibilities are vital to look at the world through other eyes.

“When you do not have anything to compare it to, you get stagnant,” Arman Vahanyan is convinced. The artist emphasized the importance of preserving and endorsing the Armenian art traditions of 1960s while cultural policy-making decisions at the nation-state level are required to maintain Armenia’s niche in the international sphere of modern arts.

Please follow the link to watch the full video of the Press Conference.

Artist Tigran Sahakyan believes that such exhibitions and visits pave way to exploring foreign artists and exchanging experience. “Estonia has older traditions in print graphics than Armenia but Armenian painters do not yield to their Estonian colleagues,” said Sahakyan.

Sona Harutyunyan, President of the Cultures in Dialogue Foundation, said that the Estonian part proposed the exchange program of artists in 2013. “In Yerevan artists don’t have a possibility of working at those studios founded in Tallinn. Armenian artists even don’t have a chance to work in those techniques,” added Harutyunyan.

Sona Harutyunyan said that the initiative will have a long-term nature and next year Yerevan will host an art exhibition of Estonian graphic artists.

Thanks to Foundation KulturDialog Armenien’s initiative and founding in cooperation with the Estonian Printmakers’ Association enabled the Armenian artists Tigran Sahakyan, Arman Vahanyan and Tigran Kirakosyan to go to the Estonian capital Tallinn from March 15th to April 15th, 2014. They were given the opportunity to work in the studios of the Estonian Printmakers’ Association and they took advantage of the facilities to work in techniques such as offset lithography, etching and monotype. Starting April 10th, their works were shown in a special exhibition “Striding Imprints: Tigran Sahakyan, Arman Vahanyan, and Tigran Kirakosyan in Tallinn” at the Estonian National Library in Tallinn. Since Armenia regained its independence, it was the first time for contemporary Armenian art to be shown in the Estonian capital and the National Library of Estonia. The works by Sahakyan, Vahanyan and Kirakosyan and the techniques they used to create them were highly appreciated by the Estonian public in Tallinn but also by art lovers and art colleagues in Yerevan. At the special request of the Armenian public, the exhibition “Striding Imprints” will now be shown in Yerevan thanks to the initiative and the financial support of Foundation KulturDialog Armenien and thanks to the close cooperation with the United Nations’ Branch Office in Armenia. The opening will take place at the United Nations’ Office in Yerevan on October 21th, 2014 at 2 p.m.

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