The Functions of the RA Disciplinary Committee Must Be Reviewed
“The RA Police Disciplinary Committee is a mere formality and does not serve its mission,” said Arman Danielyan, Head of “Civil Society Institute” NGO, who has lately announced his intention to secede from the Disciplinary Committee. The Media Center hosted press conference was also attended by Meruzhan Hakobyan, Head of the Legal Department at the RA Police.

Hakobyan commented that the Disciplinary Committee is established by the Police to ensure that actions of policemen during peaceful rallies are lawful and examine materials of possible disciplinary investigations.

According to him, the internal investigation is to reveal whether the violation is gross or not. Hence, as long as the investigation is not over, the given case may not become the subject of a Disciplinary Committee hearing because it will contradict the presumption of innocence.

Armen Danielyan claimed that the Committee has so far been filed numerous complaints whereas in 2014 there was opened only one case of disciplinary violation which was eventually suspended. Danielyan believes that the committee that has had only one session is just a formality.

Meruzhan Hakobyan said that "as provided in the law, the function of the committee is to examine the results of the internal investigation. If the case which is undergoing an internal investigation is not acknowledged as a serious disciplinary violation, it cannot be submitted to the committee.

After a long discussion of the pros and cons, the parties concluded that the main cause of contradictions is the current charter of the committee. Danielyan said that their organization intends to make offers and suggest mechanisms to solve the problem and ensure efficient performance, as well as full control of the committee.

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