What has changed in Yerevan after the elections of Yerevan City Council one year ago?
One year after the elections of Yerevan City Council the representatives of the majority Republican Party faction believe that the Mayor has successfully carried out the campaign promises. Meanwhile, representatives of other political forces consider that the negative prevails and back up their opinion by a number of examples, including the Closed Market, Komitas 5, the red parking lines, the decision to erect a statue dedicated to Anastas Mikoyan and other issues.

On May 6 the Media Center initiated a debate on the following topic-“to what extent  has the Yerevan City Council  fulfilled pre-election programs? One year after the elections of Yerevan City Council. The debate was aired live on A1+.

“The Republican party together with the Mayor have successfully carried out the electoral promises. We did three years’ worth of work in this one year,” said Naira Nahapetyan, member of RP faction of the City Council.  

Levon Igityan, another member of the faction is surprised that residents of the city did not see the changes happening in the city in the past year.  “To illustrate, in response to all of our demands, an Artistic Council was established, which will no longer allow the installation of bad quality and random statues. Many proposed statue ideas have already been declined.”

These claims of the member of the Republican Party are challenged by the opposition.

According to Styopa Safaryan, member of “Barev Yerevan” faction of the City Council, Yerevan develops chaotically and it is not always that the decisions on Yerevan are passed with the wellbeing of Yerevan residents in mind.

Bagrat Yesayan, member of the ARF Yerevan Marz Committee thinks that there exist insignificant, cosmetic changes in Yerevan, which are almost invisible next to the negative developments. He specifically pointed out to the issue of the red parking lines. “The procurement for the red lines was a close one and 70% of the proceeds go to the private operator.”

Vardan Hakobyan, conductor, member of Nakhakhorhrdaran (pre-parliament group) emphasized that such important issues as the Covered Market, Komitas 5 and others are still pending.  “Yerevan residents are left on their own with the problems they face, while the construction development continues. The citizens have to protect their outside premises from the Municipality, which uses the police to invade playgrounds and other areas.”

Tamar Poghosyan, head of Prosperous Armenia faction thinks that the Yerevan Balanced Development Program is very important. “The concept was elaborated following our proposal and then it was included in the 2014 program.”

With respect to erecting Anastas Mikoyan’s statue in Yerevan, Tamar Poghosyan, who is in charge of City Council’s Standing Committee on Culture, Education and Social Issues, said that that she has initiated an extraordinary session of their Committee to be held on May 8. “The City Council’s decision to erect Anastas Mikoyan’s statue will be discussed during the session. There will be a new discussion of the issue and our Committee will articulate its position on the said decision.”

Bagrat Yesayan suggested inviting the ARF representative to speak at the discussion about the number of party members who were subjected to repressions by Mikoyan’s acquiescence. “Anyone who was one of the key players during Stalin’s inhuman rule, who wrote a special letter to the Central Committee to initiate repressions, should not be considered a politician, a statesman, a party leader. His deeds should be condemned.”

Naira Nahapetyan felt pride in Mikoyan’s work and said that Armenia’s economy progressed considerably during those years. She noted that she values Anastas Mikoyan’s efforts directed to the development of Armenia’s economy. “ I know how much Mikoyan contributed to the development of Armenia’s economy, energy  sector, specifically the Kajaran Molybdenum plant and based on that I am for the installation of Mikoyan Statue. “

On May 6 the Media Center initiated a debate on the following topic-“to what extent  has the Yerevan City Council  fulfilled pre-election programs? One year after the elections of Yerevan City Council. The debate was aired live on A1+.

Debate speakers included: Naira Nahapetyan, RP faction member of Yerevan City Council, head of the Fiscal and Economic Standing Committee,  Styopa Safaryan, member of the “Barev Yerevan” alliance, member of the Standing Committee on Legal Issues, Tamar Poghosyan, head of the PA faction in the City Council, head of the  Standing Committee on Culture, Education and Social Issues, Levon Igityan,  RA faction member at the City Council, deputy chairman of the StandingCommittee on Urban construction and Land Use,  Bagrat Yesayan, Member of  ARF Yerevan Marz Committee, Vardan Hakobyan, Conductor,Nakhakhorhrdaran member

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