Ukraine considers the possibility of visa regime with Russian Federation
“I cannot comment on yesterday’s conversation between the presidents of Armenia and Russia. We are informed about it and we have informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine”, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Armenia Ivan Kukhta said at the press conference held at the Media Center.

The Ambassador stressed that Ukraine does not recognize Crimean referendum and its results, as it is contrary to the constitution of Ukraine: “Considering there were no international observers at the referendum, any result could be published on paper”.

The Ambassador states Ukraine is a peaceful country and does not plan military operations against Crimea, while being ready to come to the negotiating table with not only Crimea, but Russian Federation and international organizations to discuss enlargement of powers of the Autonomous Republic, as well as the rights of Russian national minorities in Ukraine.

 Ivan Kukhta touched upon the decision of Ukraine to quit CIS stating “MFAs of the CIS countries are so busy they haven’t found time to gather and discuss the situation in Ukraine so far. Noone needs an organization which only consolidates people around tea or coffee”.

He claimed that Ukraine considers the possibility of visa regime with Russian Federation, whereas the current visa free regime between Armenia and Ukraine will more likely stay as it is.

Remarking on the Armenian response to Ukrainian developments the Ambassador mentioned any country has its right to expressing a position. However, Armenia-Ukraine relations are on a positive level and will continue to progress: there are more than 70 documents regulating the relations between the two countries. 

Talking on the position of Ukraine regarding Nagorno-Karabakh issue, Ambassador Kukhta noted Ukraine supports the approaches of OSCE Minsk group, whereas announcements made by certain individuals do not reflect the position of official Kyiv.

The Ambassador referred to the rights of national minorities in Ukraine, bringing up that he has Russian origins too and had never experienced any pressure. “Rights of about 20 national minorities including Armenian community reaching 400 thousands are not violated in Ukraine”, Ivan Kukhta said.

On March 20 the Media Center hosted a press conference held by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Armenia Ivan Kukhta. 

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