"“There will be no war in Crimea"
“There will be no war in Crimea. It was clear that Russia would play its own game, and Crimea would be a part of that game. And Russia is dictating its own preferences ahead of the game, before the conflict is solved”, Alexander Iskandaryan, Director of the Caucasus Institute is convinced.

Head of the “Concord” Center Davit Shahnazaryan has no doubt that Russia is looking for а reason to resort to war: “The legitimate acting government of Ukraine knows what it is about and does everything to prevent crisis between Ukranian military forces and Russian occupants. Up until this morning Russia was looking for a reason to resort to war, which didn't happen”.

Shahnazaryan stated that intensive confidential dialogue was ongoing between Russia and the West, Russia and the US: “Everything depends on the conclusion they will arrive at. Actually Russia is engaged in an attempt to form a new world order”

Both speakers conceive that official Yerevan should not comment on the events in Ukraine: regardless of the developments Armenia will maintain the existing partnership. “We should keep silent”, Iskandaryan is sure.

Events in Ukraine couldn't but have an impact on the Caucasus. “Of course there is an impact. The publications in Azerbaijani press clearly indicate that Azerbaijan was first in the state of euphoria which is now replaced by panic. We must also accept that the South Caucasus does not have the same value for Russia, as, for instance Ukraine. We should not overestimate the role of the South Caucasus”, Iskandaryan claims.

Shahnazaryan states Georgia is of major importance in our region and Russia will try to address that issue. “After more or less regulating the situation in Ukraine, Russia will continue its policy towards Nagorno Karabakh issue. Another important point in our region for Russia is the dialogue between Iran and the west which Russia will try to encumber”.

On March 4 the Media Center hosted a discussion on “Ukraine: Developments in Crimea”. The speakers of the discussion were Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan and Head of the Concord Center Davit Shahnazaryan. 

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