Debate: Water Letоut of the Lake Sevan
February 19, 17:34

“There will be no reductions made to the water levels of Sevan. I want to dispel rumors about water drainage from the lake:  there has been no illegal run out in recent years”, said Yuri Javadyan, the chairman of Lake Sevan Issues Committee of Armenian President, during a debate about “The Run-Out of Water from Sevan, the Needs and the Results”.

"We considered all the consequences and only turned to help from the lake’s reservoir when there was no other alternative. We must advocate for a clean Sevan and expect that we will soon have a clean and high lake”, said the Ministry of Water Economy State Committee staff of Armenian Territorial Administration Mher Mkrtumyan during the discussion, adding that the water from Lake Sevan was used exclusively for irrigation purposes. “I’m surprised at the fact that this issue has not been discussed within the Presidential Committee”, said Karine Danielyan, the head of "Association for Sustainable Human Development”.  “Sevan is on its way to recovery and the process cannot be compromised now", she added. All water resources are connected with each other. If we don’t continue raising the lake’s level, we will have losses in both the rivers and in underground pools. It is very optimistic to hope that we will have a positive balance sheet in the face of these climatic changes”.

On February 18 by the initiation of Media Center and the live broadcast of “A1+” TV, a debate was held entitled “The run out of water from the Sevan, the Needs and the Results”. The speakers of the discussion were the head of Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology of NAS Bardukh Gabrielyan, , the minister of Bioresources Management Agency of National Biosafety Framework of Armenia Artashes Ziroyan, the chairman of Lake Sevan Issues Committee of Armenian President and ministry of the committee of Agricultural and Biological issues of Public Council Yuri Javadyan, the Ministry of Water Economy State Committee staff of Armenian Territorial Administration Mher Mkrtumyan, coordinator of Ecologycal Public Alliance Silva Adamyan and the head of the Association for “Sustainable Human Development” Karine Danielyan.

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