Discussion: “Amendments to the Conscription Law”
February 12, 12:00

“We are trying to close all the loopholes through which people attempt to avoid military service. By proposing amendments to the Conscription law, the Ministry of Education and Science has one goal – to send abroad the students whose primary aim is to study,” Tigran Sahakyan, head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora at the Ministry of Education and Science, told at a discussion hosted by the Media Center. The event was dedicated to the reform in the Conscription law and aimed to reveal whether it was restricting the rights for education or deferment. The discussion was initiated by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting Armenia Office.

On February 12, a discussion entitled “Amendments to the Conscription Law: Restriction of Deferment or Educational Right?” was held at the Media Center.Tigran Sahakyan, head of Department of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora at Ministry of Education and Science, Ashot Bleyan, director of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex and Hovhannes Hovhannisyan,  associated professor and doctor of Historical Sciences, were the guest speakers of the discussion event.

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