Online media is the leader in the dissemination of hate speech
“Armenian mass media has little hate speech - 1%: online media, unfortunately, is the leader in the dissemination of hate speech, which is mainly political by nature, Ashot Melikyan, President of Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression NGO, said today during the discussion on ''Hate speech in Armenian mass media'' held at the Media Center.

Since April 2013 the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression, supported by the Open Society Foundations – Armenia, has been monitoring the Armenian mass media to identify hate speech in their publications. 9 Armenian mass media were monitored: 3 TV companies (''H1'' Public Television Company, “Yerkir Media'', ''Kentron''), 3 print media (''Azg'', ''Haykakan Zhamanak'', ''Hayots Ashkharh''), 3 online media ( and 

The leader in dissemination of hate speech in online media is website. As for TV companies the lowest rate of hate speech is in Public Television Company, the highest one – in  Kentron TV. Print media has an average position as compared with online media and TV companies. There were 492 hate speech expressions in the newspapers monitored, 247 of them found in ''Haykakan Zhamanak''.
''The word ''oligarch'', in some cases which are context-dependent, was considered a case of political or social hatred” Anna Aloyan, Expert of Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression NGO said, stressing that politicians' nicknames are especially common in the expressions of hate speech.

The speakers pointed out such examples of hate speech as ''gang'', ''homosexual'', ''sect'', ''sectarian''. Ashot Melikyan said that every Armenian news outlet has a preconceived attitude towards sexual minorities qualifying them as a “second class”.
Lusine Minasyan, lawyer, Women's Resource Center, reminded about examples of hate speech and threats against their Center during 2013 noting the positive outcomes of litigation and legal processes.
Ashot Melikyan added that according to the monitoring results, the total number of expressions of hate speech in all the media was 1,795 — the majority of which (64.2%), were expressions of political hatred. The main disseminators of hate speech are journalists (67%), in other cases - political and public figures, government officials and others.

On February 7 a discussion on  “Hate Speech in Armenian Mass Media” took place at the Media Center. The speakers of discussion were Ashot Melikyan, President, Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression NGO; Anna Aloyan, Expert, Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression NGO;Lusine Minasyan, Lawyer, Women's Resource Center.

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