Discussion: " Dem.am" Initiative
January 31, 12:00

"There are concrete pressures in schools and kindergartens. The workers are forced to choose the pension funds. There are recorded pressures in "ArmSwissBank", ''Electric Networks of Armenia”, said Davit Manukyan, Political Scientist, Member of Dem.am (I protest!) Initiative. Today a press conference was held at the Media Center by Dem.am Initiative on pension funds illegally forced to the state employees.

On January 31 apress conference was held by Dem.am (I protest!) Initiative on pension funds illegally forced to the state employees at the Media Center. The speakers of the press conference were DavitManukyan, Political Scientist, Member of Dem.am Initiative; Gevorg Hayrapetyan, Lawyer, Member of Dem.am Initiative, Anahit Asatryan, President ofSectoral Trade Union of State Employees, Mikayel Piliposyan, Legal Council of Trade Unions of Armenia, Head of Department.

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