Gas tariff impact on small and medium Business
“An increase in the price of gas has led to a decrease in the number of greenhouses in Armenia”, said head of Greenhouse Association Research Center, Poghos Gevorgyan, during s discussion at the Media Center.

“For example, seeds are sown in December so that they can be sold in spring. I was interested in seed sales  and found out that this year’s sowing had produced  300 thousand less seeds than usual, meaning  that over 12 acres of greenhouses were not developed”, he explained.

Greenhouse-based economies are on the brink of extinction in Armenia. Because of the increase in gas prices, their operation has become impossible.

“Some greenhouses, have given up; for example, Sevan’s greenhouse and ‘Aghvanatun’ in Echmiadzin. One entrepreneur owned a huge greenhouse in Masis but destroyed one acre of it in summer. As for the other part, he cut and sold it. He explained that he would rather earn and have 100 drams during the summer than to produce work worth thousands of drams and have nothing to show for it “Arm Rus Gazard”. The others just closed; the owners earned just enough money to purchase their tickets and left with families”, he said.

On the one hand, the Government approves of the promotion of a greenhouse economy in “Armenian farm economies”, but on the other, it rejects suggestions proposed by stakeholders in this field. Poghos Gevorgyan has presented many proposals to the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture in order to help develop this field, but all the proposals that were formed “for the sake of the greenhouses development” were rejected.

One of the proposals was to cut the cheaper gas price for medium and small greenhouses by up to 5000 c/m., but it was rejected

“Now we are looking for alternative means for keeping the greenhouses. Scholars are working hard to make it a reality”, Poghosyan added.

On January 21, a discussion on “The gas prices increases and their affects on small and medium business” was held at the Media Center. The speaker of the discussion was the head of  Greenhouse Association Research Center Poghos Gevorgyan.

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