Rally against the Mandatory Funded Pension System
"I urge all citizens who are not indifferent to join us in our fight against the enactment of unconstitutional laws, for the sake of the Republic of Armenia. Don't be afraid to protest. Don't be afraid to fight for your rights!" exhorted David Manukyan, member of the 'Dem Em!' Initiative, at the Media Center hosted press conference.

"In Opposition to the Mandatory Funded Pension System" civic initiative will hold a rally today at 14:00, at Freedom Square.

Members of 4 non-governing parties will also be joining the meeting: the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Heritage, Prosperous Armenia, and the Armenian National Congress.

Members of the initiative emphasized the importance of having a large turnout at the rally, given that this decision will affect each and every family. 

The Constitutional Court is to make a decision regarding the application of the law until January 25th.  It is possible that the decision will be suspended until March 28th, so that the Constitutional Court can discuss the constitutionality of the law.

A few days ago, many participants of the recent car-rally protest were invited to the police station over the phone. Since the police department denies the reality of the situation, the initiative members ask the participants who were called by the police to be alert, and take note of the phone number and record the conversations they have.

“I urge the police force to not look for criminals within our ranks; our movement is solely social in nature.  I also urge the car-rally protest participants not to go to the police department without a notice.  They cannot be invited to the police station over the phone," noted ArsenManukyan. 

"We ask that those who do receive such phone calls to share this information. Our Facebook page contains information about how to seek legal counsel.  We have already compiled a list of phone numbers, along with various phone recordings", added GevorgGorgisyan.

The members of the initiative assured the public that their fight cannot be deterred. "If the Constitutional Court's decision does not fulfill our expectations, acts of civil disobedience will only increase in number and strength."

The 'Dem Em!' initiative encourages the rally participants to be vigilant and not to yield to provocations.  After the rally, there will be a march from Freedom Square ->Mashtots Street ->Sayat Nova Street ->Abovyan Street -> Republic Square ->Amiryan Street ->Mashtots Street -> Freedom Square.

On January 18th, Media Center hosted a press conference of the 'Dem Em' Initiative.  The speakers included members of the 'Dem em' Initiative: David Manukyan, political scientist, Gevorg Gorgisyan, programmer, and Arsen Manukyan, engineer. 

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