Clashes between the Police and Activists
‘Taking people to an unknown place in a simple car, without uniforms is kidnapping. Hitting the jaw and beating a whole minute is not typical of a police officer, this behavior is specific to a group of people working for a particular person.

The Media Center hosted a discussion titled “Clashes between citizens and the Police during the protest action organized on the occasion of joining Customs Union and Putin’s visit”. The speakers of the discussion included: Artak Zeynalyan, lawyer; Meruzhan Hakobyan, head of the Legal Department of the RA Police; Vardan Minasyan, reporter of “Hraparak” daily; Artur Avtandilyan, participant of the protest action; Zara Hovhannisyan, participant of the protest action.

On December 2, during the protest, Arthur Avtandilyan believes, the Police intended to take to the police station 110 people simply to show a high number of detainees and to ultimately report that number to authorities in Armenia and abroad.

Zara Hovhannisyan noted they were only posting posters when the police came and demanded to follow them. The police representative said that the activists did not obey their legitimate demands, but Hovhannisyan contradicted claiming that there was no legal requirement.

Ararat Hakobyan stated that the police did not have any intention to deprive people of freedom of speech. They took to the police station only those who broke the law.

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