Only one percent of the need for palliative care is met in Armenia
Only one percent of the need for palliative care is met in Armenia, Stephen R. Connor, consultant to the Open Society Institute’s International Palliative Care Initiative (Washington).

Connor added that 18 thousand people yearly are in need of palliative care. “Though there is certain notable progress in Armenia, but we still have a long way to go. Morphine tablets are not yet available here. We hope that they will soon”, Stephen R. Connor noted.

The speaker stated that only 12-14% of palliative care needs are met in the whole world, and palliative care has only recently been introduced to the former USSR countries.  

Malina Dumitrescu, Programs & PR Director Hospice of Hope mentioned that incurable patients had never been a priority for those states.  

There are palliative care services in Romania that are more or less established both in state and private sectors. However, only 5-6% of the patients are included in these services.

Dimitri Kordzaia, Director of Georgian National Association for Palliative Care emphasized on 3 problems in the sphere: competent specialists, legal system and opium formulations. “Morphine tablets are the best means for managing chronic pain today”, Kordzaia says.

“In May this year the Ministry of Health of Ukraine officially allowed prescription of morphine tablets. This can be considered a great achievement”, Irina Slugotska, head physician of Ukraine Palliative Care Center claimed.

President of Moldova Palliative Care National Association Valerian Isak stated that Molodova has practiced palliative care since 2000. Initially it was organized only on NGO level, and was recognzied as a parth of healthcare system in 2008.

“Armenian government should make additional efforts aimed at the development of palliative care in the country”, Connor summed up.

On November 13 the Media Center hosted a discussion on “Need for Palliative Care in Armenia: international experts’ observations”. The speakers included Stephen R. Connor, International Palliative Care Consultant, OSF New York USA; Valerian Isaac, President of National Association of Palliative Care, Moldova; Irina Slugotska, chief medical officer at Palliative Care Center, Ukraine; Malina Dimitrescu, Program Director Hospice Casa Sperantei Foundation, Brasov,  Romania; Dimitri Kordzaya, president, National Association of Palliative Care, Georgia. 

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