People are not much interested in presidential election in Azerbaijan
People are not much interested in presidential election in Azerbaijan to be held on October 9, Arif Yunus, political scientist said on video call at the discussion held at the Media Center.

“The population is unaware of the election. The population has lost its interest. People think that everything has been decided regardless of their participation in the elections”, Yunus mentioned.

“There is no interest towards the presidential election in Azerbaijan, because there is no election. The results of that election are well known to everybody both in and out of Azerbaijan”, Alexander Iskandaryan, director of the Caucasus Institute thinks.

In Yunus’s assessment the process of candidates’ registration in Azerbaijan has been accompanied by pressures and administrative resources. The oppositional candidates face difficulties in the process of communication with the population. The candidates speak on television but they do not criticize the president and do not present their programs.

The speakers expressed their viewpoints on Armenian president’s decision to join the Customs Union. Alexander Iskandaryan found it hard to define whether Armenia will join the Customs Union and the question will be in agenda after December. The director of the Caucasus Institute is convinced that it is impossible for Armenia to sign the same documents that have been prepared for Kazakhstan or Belarus.

“A certain way of cooperation should be developed between Armenia and Russia, that we can eventually name joining the Customs Union, if there is a political will for it”, he said.

Referring to the response Serzh Sarkissian's decision to join the Customs Union had in Azerbaijan, Arif Yunus mentioned that many in Azerbaijan thought that the actions prior to September 3, such as the big arms delivery from Russia to Azerbaijan aimed to use Azerbaijan against Armenia, so that facing the threat of losing Nagorno Karabakh fostered Armenia to join the Customs Union.

On October 1the Media Center hosted a discussion on Presidential Election in Azerbaijan and latest developments in the region. Alexander Iskandaryan, Director of the Caucasus Institute and Arif Yunusov, political scientist who joined the discussion from Azerbaijan via video call, were the keynote speakers.  

The experts commented on the presidential election in Azerbaijan and Armenia's intention to join the Customs' Union.

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