Interview: Vahagn Khachatryan
Prior to the Yerevan municipal vote, on May 3, at 11:30 a.m., Media Center hosted an interview-press-conference with Vahagn Khachatryan, top leader of the Armenian National Congress’s proportionate party list.

Khachatryan stated that the first order he would issue should he be elected mayor would be that not a single tree can be cut in Yerevan any more, be it for privatization of the area or any other purposes.

“What matters most to the authorities now is not the common citizen, but more chances for urban development and construction, elimination of green zones and laying asphalt once a year on the same road,” Khachatryan shares his opinion.

He approves of the opposition’s decision not to participate in the municipal election with a single candidate, because otherwise the votes might be lost for nothing. He is convinced that formerly coalitional Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) has made a clear decision not to cooperate with the ruling Republicans (RPA).  

“The opinion that we have sold our votes to PAP is merely a campaign trick, used by the authorities. There are also observers sided with the authorities and helping to rig the ballot. Hence I am urging to be very attentive and not be misled into thinking that observers will carry out only legal supervision,” he says.

Khachatryan claims RPA has agents, who are going from house to house and give away bribes, apply psychological pressure on public servants. All this, he is certain, is done through local criminals, who are now dictating RPA members how to act and what to do.

Khachatryan is convinced that if the opposition won in this election, the issue of removing the current authorities would become quite a feasible goal.  

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